The Automated Vehicle Coalition

Automated vehicles present a remarkable opportunity to improve the lives of American citizens. Driverless vehicles allow elderly and disabled citizens to travel more easily and safely. They reduce traffic congestion through the use of traffic-aware systems. They are more economically efficient and environmentally friendly than current automobiles. Automated vehicles also open up a new world of potential business opportunities.

Perhaps most importantly, though, is the enhanced element of safety. Ninety-five percent of road crashes are caused by human error. A truly driverless world has the greatest potential to reduce traffic accidents and prevent human injury and death.

The future of automated vehicles is inevitable. The USDOT aims to achieve fully automated vehicle availability and fleet integration by 2025, and the private sector is likely to follow a similar roadmap.

The Automated Vehicle Coalition works with national industry, government, and academic partners for the responsible integration of advanced technology to improve roads and communities. Become a part of the Coalition now to help influence the direction this exciting technology is taking.

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