PA Legislation Introduced Establishing Autonomous Vehicle Advisory Committee and Autonomous Shuttle Vehicles

Pennsylvania House of Representatives introduces House Bill 2300, new legislation that will create a Connected and Highly Autonomous Vehicle Advisory Committee as well as allow PennDot to permit the operation of autonomous shuttles on public roads.

Representative Jim Marshall is co-sponsoring this bill, which will establish an Autonomous Vehicle Advisory Committee staffed by department Secretaries and Governor appointees who have been involved in the state’s technological advancements. The committee’s duties will be advising Secretary Richards of PennDot on the safe testing and deployment, in addition to policy considerations.

Furthermore, HB2300 will expand the current driving regulations founded in Title 75. This legislation will permit vehicles to be driven without a human operator on a PennDot approved route.  These vehicles will be low-speed and be operated on defined routes, similar to that of a trolley car or public shuttle. Representative Marshall anticipates that this bill will allow people to be transported around airports, mall parking lots, sporting events, college campuses, and other similar routes.